Hey y’all!  Thanks for checking out my paintings.  Here’s a little bio:

Portia Hunt is a Washington, DC-based painter whose series “Maps for My Father” chronicles the life and times of her late father, who was blind, through a series of portraits and maps with Braille text.  The series “Inverse” is a white-on-black interpretation of structures and acoustics, and “Plate Tectonics” illustrates the consequences of the movements of our planet.

Maps for My Father

This is a series of maps of the life of my late, great dad, who was nearly blind and read Braille.


Plate Tectonics

A series on a fascinating subject. Seriously, look it up. Also in Braille, just because it looks cool.



This series is black and white and a lot of fun, and is organized into themes.

Inverse - Spatial

Home Towns

In my Home Towns series, I paint a person’s origins, layered with their present.  These are, so far, created as gifts or by commission.

Paint Your Friends

Three of my favorite things: power lines, maps, and my homies.