Maps for My Father, 5 of 7: “Manhattan/1981″

This is part of a series of maps of my late father, Newton Hunt. My dad was nearly blind, and read Braille.

In 1981, the year I was born, my parents and I lived at the corner of West 93rd St. and Columbus Avenue in New York.

Dad and Po 10 Dec 1981

In white ink, you can see piano string lengths as my dad was a piano technician, working with Steinway, Yamaha, the Metropolitan Opera, and a variety of colorful private clients..!

And who doesn’t love a good water tower?

Mixed media, 2017

8″x10″, $125


Inverse: “Auditory I”

This is a series of white lines on black.

Inspired by my father’s profession, this painting features diagrams of a piano hammer, piano string lengths according to pitch, and string velocity.

Spray paint, white ink, acrylic, fabric puff paint; 2017

11″x14″, $175